If you’re a movie nerd like me, chances are when you hear the name Snake Plissken, you know exactly which movie I’m referring to – Escape from New York™

One of the iconic objects in the movie itself is the timepiece that Snake is required to wear in order to remind him of the urgency of his mission…otherwise he literally loses his head.

I was contacted not long ago by the company that has obtained the rights to only officially licensed Snake Plissken replica countdown timer from John Carpenter’s 1981 film, Escape from New York™.

The prompt for the shoot was to showcase the watch as a fashion statement, yet also wearable for everyday use in it’s differing variations. I don’t often get a chance to shoot very styled portraits like this with the majority of my work coming from commercial product work right now, so I jumped on it as quickly as I could.

Introducing LifeClockOne – I am beyond thrilled with how these came out!

© dustin kessler